I am exhausted today but since I am dedicated to this real blogging thing I will put up pictures that are worth 1,000+ words. While you might get more of the same for Sports Saturday, I’ll try and mix things up a bit. You’ll get the jist. 🙂 Via here. I’ve been a fan of this gentleman since he joined the team.

I am also a big fan of this guy too. Courtesy of here. Knuckleball what?

Of course these two players give it away that I am more of an old Red Sox fan (though not one of the oldest that’s for sure), and also that I am going to have to find new favorites on the team soon. Varitek is almost certainly in his last year with the Sox (although I was saying that about him last year) and Wake can’t possibly have that many more years can he? So I turn to the 40 man roster to find two new favorites to follow this year in an attempt to continue my lifelong Red Sox fandom. Here are my two top picks for this year as of…well…tonight. I’ll go with the pattern and pick a pitcher and a fielder.

Via here.

Clay Buchholz is not the ugliest man in baseball but as he ages I’m sure he could contend for a spot on the list of the ugliest. All joking aside I like what he does with a curveball and his change-up is pretty awesome when he’s on, so I’m going to bypass Beckett, Lester, Papelbon (who is probably going elsewhere soon) and especially Atchison and start to back the Clay. Better show some stuff in ’11 compadre, for I am a fickle mistress and demand nothing less than you know, strikeouts and a low ERA and stuff.

I wasn’t going to do it. I swore that when he joined the team I wasn’t going to be a fangirl for him because ALL the sorostitutes were and I wouldn’t do it. I HATE picking a favorite that is everyone else’s favorite for stupid reasons (i.e. he’s so HOTT) because then I have to explain myself all the time to separate myself from the herd. I swore, but he’s just too awesome to ignore any longer. Dustin Pedroia dealt with a serious foot injury last season, but I think he’s destined for great things this year. He’s fun to watch and he’ll be with the club for quite some time. Let’s keep that batting average up around .350 okay buddy?

I’m avoiding Carl Crawford because my husband is a Rays fan and it’s a sore spot right now, plus I’m not that interested in following him. I’m also avoiding Big Papi, Youk, and Drew because I’ve seen them play for a long time and I have been a fan of them as long as they have been with the team. So being a Red Sox fan covers them, I’ve just always played favorites within the roster. 🙂 So Tek and Wake, you have always been my favorites, but now I have to look to the future and hope to carry on after you have gone over the monster.