When my husband and I were originally looking into getting a puppy we did a lot of research. Comparing our laziness and lifestyle to the list of possibilities, we could immediately rule out bigger dogs like the golden retriever. We also knew that we would be living in apartments or duplexes so a dog known for its barking ability would be out too. Out went the dachshund, the pug, and other small dogs. Since we would be away a lot working and going to class, we also needed a dog that was easier to train. All signs pointed to a Miniature Schnauzer.

I am a huge fan of this breed. All signs point to great temperament as long as you take the time to socialize them with other dogs. I’ve seen instances of nasty Mini-Schnauzers but only one or two. The rest are bouncy, playful, cuddlebugs who just want to please you.

Here is a picture of our Mini-Schnauzer. I’m one of her biggest fans. 🙂