Happy Valentine’s Day. Since I spent today working full time and then going out this evening with my husband I didn’t have time to post much. But for the two readers I know that I have, here are 5 videos: one for a song from each year of my high school experience that I remember to be romantic. Each year there are always a few memorable, romantic songs. I present to you the romantic songs from 1997-2001.

1997: My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. You know you went to see Titanic like 3 times in the theater. And you KNOW you slow danced with someone to this song. But you also know you let go of this song in 1998 because if you heard it one more time you would throw it into the icy depths.

1998: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. Whether you were an Armageddon shipper or a Deep Impact fan, this song was quite popular, debuting at number one on the billboard charts and staying there for all of September 1998.

1999: God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You by N’Sync. Sorry. They were popular and I knew all their songs and I was a sophomore in high school. What do you want from me?

2000: As much as I wanted to put Shake Ya Ass by Mystikal here, I have to stick to the theme. Here is Breathe by Faith Hill.

2001: Drops of Jupiter by Train. I just like the picture of the woman that they paint with their words.

What are some of your favorite romantic songs?