Have you ever heard the age-old saying “muscle weighs more than fat”? I hear it all the time. I heard it when I went to Weight Watchers meetings, I’ve read it in magazines and weight loss blogs, and the most popular way to state it is “a pound of muscles weighs more than a pound of fat.”

Seriously, read that again: ONE POUND of muscle weighs more than ONE POUND of fat.

Let me re-write that with something different. One pound of cereal weighs more than one pound of pancakes. How about one pound of marbles weighs more than one pound of lunch meat. These all weigh THE SAME AMOUNT. Can we agree on that?

So why do so many people believe that one pound of muscle weighs more than one pound of fat, or simply that muscle weighs more than fat? The answer is in the volume of the muscle and fat. One pound of muscle takes up less space than one pound of fat. This blogger explains the phenomenon very well and includes pictures! So the way I look at 250 pounds will be different than someone else my same height looks at 250 pounds depending on how much of that weight is fat and how much is muscle. What may be more important than how much you weigh is what your body fat percentage is. Then again I like to subscribe to the idea that it is all important: your weight, your body fat percentage, your BMI, your activity level. You can’t focus on just one aspect. You have to keep track of everything.

All of that aside the lesson of the day is that one pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as one pound of fat, it just takes up less space. If you want to lose weight eat less (and balanced) and move more. The end.