As promised I have prepared my top ten picks for first baseman in my fantasy baseball draft. There are still extras and sleepers to pick/find but for now I have laid an acceptable foundation. In most cases I chose to avoid the old men and in a few cases I left out players who normally perform well but suffered injuries late last season. I looked only at players whose primary job was 1B as opposed to players who have that eligibility but do not play at that position regularly. Here is my top ten list for first base.

1. Albert Pujols: While he is getting up in age he rocks too hard for me to not place him on top.

2. Miguel Cabrera

3. Joey Votto

Numbers 2 and 3 are interchangeable to me based on stats and history. Votto seems to have room to grow while Cabrera will more than likely remain awesome. I like the idea of Votto somehow performing better than he did in 2010, but Cabrera’s track record is hard to ignore as well. So equal standing.

4. Kevin Youkilis

5. Prince Fielder

Again here is a situation where stats are great, but the players have other physical things that worry me. Youk likes to play through pain and not be a pussy, while Prince Fielder is kind of a fattie who doesn’t like to perform consistently. Fielder hits the HRs but his run counts aren’t as good, while Youk sports a decent AVG/OBP and his runs and HRs seem to be down. After reading the comments in the Baseball Prospectus 2011 and looking at all of their stats I decided that one or the other would get me similar results.

(I should note here that I bypassed Adrian Gonzalez, Ryan Howard, and Mark Texiera who were ranked 4th, 5th, and 6th among first basemen respectively. I don’t trust Gonzalez just yet after his shoulder surgery, Ryan Howard dealt with ankle issues, and aside from being a Yankee Texiera is getting to be an old man. I crossed them out.)

6. Billy Butler

Ranked 13th in the first baseman yahoo list, Butler caught my eye when I read about him in the Prospectus. His stats look great, he’s young, and while Kansas City has never been on my radar (is it on anyone’s?) I would be interested to see some games just to see him play.

7. Kendry Morales

Despite the broken leg he suffered last May when he got a bit over excited about a 10th(?) inning walk off home run, I think he’s probably had the time to heal and recuperate and his past stats indicate that if he has come back strong from the injury he would be an asset to my team (if I can’t get one of my first 6 picks that is).

8. Paul Konerko

An old man with some pretty good stats I put him higher on the list because he has been healthy.

9. Aubrey Huff

I don’t remember why, but I know I wasn’t going to put Carlos Pena on my list. Yikes.

10. Justin Morneau

Holy concussion batman. I’m going to need to couble check this one and make sure that he’s cleared to play and ready to go, but he seems to have the chops (hitting 30 home runs and close to 100Rs and RBIs) of a good 1B-man. So he’s here, but he’s 30 and his brain might be scrambled eggs so we’ll see what happens.


Tune in next week when we’ll talk about recent happenings in the world of tennis.