It would be difficult to discuss the music world today (or at least the repetitive top 40 type music) without mentioning Lady Gaga. This media queen (read:whore) seems to know all of the tricks to get everyone to pay attention to her whether she deserves it or not. Up until now I could mostly stomach her because her music up until recently has been relatively original and as long as I heard it on the radio I didn’t have to look at her, and so avoided the negative side to this juggernaut. Pokerface was great, Alejandro was enjoyable, and I didn’t realize Just Dance was a song of hers until someone told me.

All of this ended a few weeks ago when I heard her new song “Born This Way.” It came on the radio as part of an entertainment news segment, and the announcer asked his audience to see if they could identify the song that it resembled. I’ll give you a shot before I make the connection, but chances are if you’re connected to popular culture at all you already know. Born This Way.


Now listen to a bit of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.”

Honestly Lady Gaga has worn out her welcome with me. It’s enough that musical groups like Nickleback can copy their own songs over and over again and that P. Diddy can sample older songs directly to rap over, but an industry has to have a code right? Try to be original while playing to the demands of the listening public. Her stunts are over the top and induce eye-rolling. Her outfits are not revolutionary, they are a stunt. Her songs were interesting until now when it should be more than obvious what she is doing.

You probably know at least one person who is completely enamored with her. You are treated to elongated discussions about how talented she is and how her controversial career is refreshing in an otherwise monotonous music world. There have been figures like this throughout history: Louis Armstrong, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna; but I would argue that once we hit the boy band/little girl singer era of the late 90’s/early 2000’s we lost something in top 40 music. Weird outfits and good songs does not a controversial superstar make. We have seen elements of Lady Gaga before in Madonna, Marilyn Manson, and others. This means she is not revolutionary. She is a copycat. She is hoping to mask this core of plagiarism with her meat frocks. I see you Gaga. I only wish others did too.