adj. notable for having an unusual amount of fat (plump, obese) well above normal weight, 20% or more above ideal weight as defined by BMI (calculate yours now! Hint: You’re obese.)

I refuse to put the urban dictionary crap on here because it’s like wikipedia for stupid people.

Medically I am obese. When considering BMI and my measurements, I am hands down, no question, by the numbers obese. My ideal medically healthy weight is about 170 pounds and currently I reside at exactly 251 pounds. Mathematically, you’ve got me. I surrender.

Let’s look up at that Merriam-Webster definition though: notable for having an unusual amount of fat. Last time I checked, 34% of Americans are obese and about 33% of Americans are considered to be overweight (this is based on a 2006 survey). So 67% of Americans (208,415,244 out of 311,067,529 people in the US) are well above their normal weight. I ask you, is the usual amount of fat now different? Am I “fat” as defined by Merriam Webster? Or is my fat content now “usual” for the society in which I live? Medically you’ve got me. But sociologically I might just be a normal person living in a world where excess fat is the usual condition.

Please don’t take this as an excuse to think fat is okay. We all have our own personal definitions of fat, and most probably include negative words like bad, ugly, gross, etc. I would just ask that you briefly consider that while medically you should be striving for a healthier weight, personally and socially you should know that you are not unusual. You are not a gross monster roaming the streets among skinny people who allow you to be there. In America, you are the majority. You are normal. Unhealthy in the long run, but normal. Accept yourself, then decide what you need to change to get healthy. See a doctor. Take a walk. Join a gym. Take tennis lessons. Cook your own food. Try new veggies and fruits. Drink your damn milk. But always remember: you are the norm, not the bad. You are just you, not the enemy.