Recently I used a gift card and rewards card certificates to purchase EA Sports Active 2. The Wii Sports and Wii Fit programs just weren’t cutting it at home and I needed something for days when I felt motivated enough to exercise but not motivated enough to drive to yoga or walk to the clubhouse to run on the treadmill. I had considered trying the first version of EA Sports Active but the use of the Wii Nunchuck made me wary, especially if it was going to get swung around on my leg and had to be connected to the Wiimote too.

Two things attracted me to this second installment: the many difficulty options available and the heart rate monitoring. Instead of the previous setup, this new version uses two sensor bands, one for the left forearm and one around the right thigh. The latter sensor was one of the aspects of the kit that worried me the most since the diameter of my upper thigh is slightly larger than what a normal abdomen should be. However, once I put it on over shorts it stayed still enough to read accurately and while it was definitely stretching the boundaries, it wasn’t so tight that it was uncomfortable. I’m sure there are adjustments that could be made that would make this accoutrement more accessible for larger individuals, and heck they might even make larger ones that don’t come with the kit, but this one worked fine.

Having used it once I can say that the heart rate monitor is very accurate, the leg strap is not that uncomfortable, and the program is very reasonable. Easy means easy, not “easy for skinny, athletic types”. It also has 4 and 9 week programs if you want to stick to a schedule and work to a more defined goal. I am looking forward to using it again on Thursday and over the weekend as I work toward my 9 week program goal. I highly recommend this program for people who (a) are overweight, (b)are  in need of something more structured than Wii Fit or Wii Sports, and (c) don’t want to buy into the Biggest Loser/Biggest Loser trainer games and dvds. This is truly a worthwhile program/game to have.