I know that I am not alone in the world in saying that the Red Sox have my panties in a bunch. Their performance this year has been far from stellar, especially with the money spent in the off-season to bring in the talent to send them to (possibly) another World Series. An 0-6 start is really discouraging considering the playoff statistics attached to it: only something like 6 teams in history have recovered to go on to the playoffs.

On the blog Over the Monster there is a poll that asks whether Sox fans will boo their own team on opening day at Fenway Park. The votes are split (among what I am sure are the most intelligent and thoughtful and patient of Sox fans…) between booing and not booing, and a healthy amount of votes have gone to sitting in silence. That fans might be considering booing their own team at their first home stand boggles my mind. I am sure there are videos of this happening, but I don’t want to see it. It’s April. It’s only 6 games into the year. The team has a lot of new players that are finding the right way to work together (my husband hates that answer, but it’s true, even for players who get paid millions). They might not make it to the playoffs this year but they will in the near future. There is too much talent on the team not to get it moving together and productively.

I think Red Sox fans, especially new ones, forgot how to be Red Sox fans in the feast of 2004 and 2007 and the talent buying sprees that have occurred since those times. We forgot the times of famine and how to enjoy watching even when we knew we had no hope. How to gripe and grouse without failing to encourage the team. How to love them even when they seemed to be finding every possible way to avoid success. Disappointment should not result in abandonment. Disappointment is just that, and if you love the team enough you’ll get through it by cheering when they come on the field, groaning when they do something stupid, and hoping for better results next time when they lose. That was the behavior and identity of the Red Sox fan before. We may need to remember how to be that again.