First, I apologize for the delay in posting.

Current political events have prompted me to try to find an analogy to real life. Thinking about my Wednesday posts I tried to compare the current budget “crisis” with procedures for weight loss. With all of the talk of trimming the fat and getting rid of waste, the approaches currently being taken to balancing the national budget sound an awful lot like weight loss. However when I attempted to see similarities I found that the process is actually the complete opposite of losing weight.

When you want to lose weight you are actively trying to burn more than you take in. The analogy of calories to money would make weight loss efforts highly detrimental to budget balancing. Spending more than one takes in sets up a situation in which debt is a factor, as well as the interest that comes with that. In reality budget balancing must take an approach almost completely opposite to weight loss.

On the one hand to balance a budget you do need to cut back on spending. Much like cutting back on eating, cutting back on spending sets up a budget for success by getting rid of unnecessary expenditures (i.e. cake or Magic Cards respectively). However, this is where the analogy splits and it is this distinction that I feel like Washington is forgetting.

Weight loss also requires that you cut calories further by spending more on exercise (or burning them). When you combine reducing caloric spending with further caloric burns you see successful losses.

The government seems to also be trying this to solve their current crisis: cut spending and cut taxes in the hopes that what they spend will magically match up with what they take in. Without taking in more to meet the spending cuts in the middle this strategy could never work, at least not in a way that allows the country to be full functional. Where weight loss moves in one direction (less calories/burning calories), the government budget balancing has to move in two directions: less spending and more taxes/revenue. If government does what weight loss prescribes we stand to face a highly anorexic country which cannot properly serve or protect its citizens, when what we want is a fat, well fed budget able to provide the services and help that its citizens require.

This issue is very complex and I don’t mean to simplify it, but it seems to boil down to who is going to be willing to convince us all that we need to feed government more (taxes)  while we exercise (spend less)…