For a better late than never Music Monday post (and for the few after it) I have decided to share the music from some of the closers around the MLB this year. This week well start with the AL East. Closer music is important in that it gets the player psyched up to save the day and end the game. In my opinion three of these songs do that. Two of them do not. I’ll leave it  to you to figure which are which and to decide for yourselves.

Rauch (Blue Jays)

K. Farnsworth (Rays)

I got nothin’ on this one. If you can find it I will post it.

Gregg (Orioles)

Rivera (Yankees) *I LOVE this song but I HATE the Yankees so it’s hard to give it props. It is a really good closer song though.

Papelbon (Red Sox) *Despite my obvious bias I feel like this song is the best out of the AL East, but Dotel’s song is pretty awesome too.