In part one of this series we explored the closer entrance music as it exists now in the MLB American League East. Today we take a look at the National League East.

Atlanta Braves: Craig Kimbrel

To the best of my knowledge this is his song, but reports said he hadn’t chosen one as of early April, so if you have a correction feel freee to submit.

Florida Marlins: Leo Nunez

I couldn’t find this one. Feel free to let me know if you know it.

New York Mets: Fransisco Rodriguez

Philadelphia Phillies: Ryan Madson (for now)

And so because all before him are injured, Madson gets the spot. However this means that he doesn’t have a super awesome song we can attribute to his entrance. Get on that Madson!

Washington Nationals: Drew Storen

Via his blog, Drew Storen stated that he was looking to change his entrance from Icky Thump to something different, but the most recent information I could find was the good ol’ White Stripes. Enjoy and get pumped!