Surprisingly there are not many songs dedicated to mothers, and those that are generally aren’t very flattering. For example, Eminem’s “Cleaning Out My Closet” reflects a not so rosy view of his childhood.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” shows how a mom doesn’t deal so well with a crappy marriage and therefore negatively affects the life of her child.

Reba McEntire sings about a mom that teaches her daughter how to be a prostitute in order to escape poverty, and then promptly dies.

Perhaps the weirdest song involving moms is the popular Down by the Bay, which calls into question the sanity of a mom that is seeing a goose kissing a moose down by the bay.I wouldn’t dare go home either kids.

In my view the best popular music song dedicated to a mom is “Dear Mama” by Tupac. It shows the reality of being a single mother in the ghetto, and his lyrics describe perfectly the strife that is experienced by single African-American mothers and the respect that is held in the black community for them (especially those who are older and so feared and viewed as authority figures over many beyond their own children). So this Mother’s Day, I dedicate “Dear Mama” to all the mothers out there, especially those who didn’t receive a 1-800-Flowers box, a Sunday brunch, or even a phone call from their kids. Thank moms. You might not have wanted what you gave birth to, but you do what you think is best and the rest will take care of itself.