My friend Ed has a magnificent blog in which he covers political news and issues, often in a very comical way. Please check out his blog at

So in reading his blog I figured that a Monday to Friday blog was something I could definitely do. I love to write and writing on a regular basis would (hopefully) make me better at something I already love to do. When I first began this blog I tried to think of things I could in theory speak about with intelligence and insight. Music Monday, Teaching Tuesday, Weighty Wednesday, Sexual Thursday, and Sports Friday were born.

Now that I have the summer months where my work is not as demanding, I have more time to write but I have much less motivation to do so under the current structure. So I need to decide what I want this blog to be. I know what I do not want it to be: memes or personal stories. I want to be informative and opinionated in a world that so often treats opinions as facts. The question is what I want to write about.

A weight loss blog is kind of cliche and that hits too close to home, making the temptation to use anecdotal evidence and personal stories too strong to resist. Sports could be fun but I would want to get into the statistics of baseball and I don’t know if that is a long term subject. Education has been a very depressing topic to write on, but with so many governments attacking…I’m sorry, “reforming” education, it might be a varied and fruitful topic to choose.

I want to write and be a presence in the great and powerful interwebz. If you the reader have any suggestions concerning the topic I should pursue, feel free to comment. Have a good week.